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Related post: Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 09:09:49 -0800 (PST) From: Jon T. Subject: Queer For My Son - Chapter bbs pedo world 3This is a work of fiction - these characters exist only in my fevered imagination. This story features sex between a father and his willing son. If you're not into that or if you are not of an age to be reading X-rated stories, please go elsewhere. If you wish to provide feedback, you can contact me at Thanks to the guys who have written to me thus far. One additional note: I have never participated in, nor do I advocate for, incest or sex with minors. Please practice safe sex at all times.Queer For My Son - Chapter 3 My Saturday proceeded according to plan. After a wonderful breakfast with Dane, I raced through grading a relatively simple 20-question multiple choice test I had given to my three freshman American history classes. While I pedo bbs illegal did this, Dane did a couple of loads of laundry, making sure both of us would have sufficient clean clothing to get through the coming week. Then we hopped into my Chevrolet Suburban SUV for a trip to the YMCA in neighboring Mesa. The truck was a gas-guzzler, but I needed something big enough svens new bbs gateway to transport boys to wrestling matches if a school van wasn't available, which was often the case. On the way, we stopped for a quick lunch at a favorite Middle Eastern restaurant that was as fast as bbs pedoland pics any fast food place but offered food that was both nutritious and delicious. Once at the Y, both of us did a quick workout on weights, spotting each other. Then Teen photo bbs we joined the monthly meeting of a nn teen models bbs wrestling club that consisted of men from their mid-20s to early 50s in age. The other two heavyweights on my team, Corey Schneider and Doug Haynes, malyshok bbs were also present, along with a few boys from other high schools in the area. Corey was a dark-haired football player, the senior star fullback of that team. Doug was a heavyset African-American boy who had a lot of potential as a metart bbs jpg wrestler. His goal was to be a television star in the sport. He was destined to be enormous since he was now only a sophomore. Any of the adults not wrestling circled the floor refereeing schoolgirls bbs the matches that were going on. After changing into our singlets, both Dane and I looked forward to enjoying the rest of the afternoon either wrestling or watching matches. I had a spirited match with one of my best wrestling buddies, Dave Ambrose, which seemed to go on forever. bbs angels free Dave was a year younger than me and a few pounds heavier, but we were evenly matched. I had known him since college days. Our record in wrestling one another was pretty much a draw. On this day, Dave had me beat but had to withdraw due a pulled muscle in his back. I was pretty much winded and was content to watch Dane wrestle a boy from one of our archrival schools, another beefy African-American kid named Jack Morris. I watched also as my other team members wrestled adult members of the club. I got up and walked around, shouting encouragement and tips to Dane and the other two boys from my team. I was disappointed, along with my son, when Jack pinned him despite his best efforts to throw bbs pre tenns him off. Jack's victory wasn't particularly bbs 11 y.o. nude an upset since he had been the runner-up to Dane at last year's district championships. Nonetheless, Dane was not happy and was done for the afternoon. Other matches raged around us as we gathered up our things and headed for the locker room. It was apparent my other two students were staying for a while. I went to each of them and wished them well, suggesting people they might want to wrestle with next. One of the adults clapped me on the back and promised to keep an model preeteen bbs 16 eye on them. Neither Dane nor I had taken a shower that morning, so we were both sweaty and smelling rather rank. At our lockers, without a word to one another, we pulled off our singlets and our jock straps and headed darkportal bbs for the shower, body wash in hand. It was an old-fashioned shower room with showerheads sticking out of the walls, with no separating curtains or walls. The warm water felt good cascading off my shoulders. Dane and I were next to each other. The only other person in the room was my friend, Dave, who was showering opposite from us. Dane was more or less pouting, and Dave took notice. "What's happening, Dane? Why the long face?" "That prick Jack kids pic board bbs beat me." I spoke up. "Come on, Dane. He's a nice kid, and he won fair and square. It was his day today. You'll beat him when it counts." "I don't know. I think he's gained about 20 pounds. It sure felt that way." "You missed a couple of opportunities. You've just got to keep your mind on what you're doing. bbs ls land magazine You're a better wrestler than lsm bbs forum he is." Dane's sweet smile returned. "Thanks, Dad. Just gotta keep working at it." "That's right." Dave was wrapping up his shower. "Yeah, Dane. You're one of the best arkan kiddy bbs I've seen at your age. Swear to God - I think you've grown an inch since I last saw you." Dave was toweling himself off as he said this. He could have been a model for a bodybuilding magazine. It wasn't overdone, but he was simply perfection, about six feet tall and 200 pounds, most of it muscle. He had pitch-black, buzz bbs non nudes cut hair with a lightly haired chest and groin. His uncut cock hung about five asian swimsuit bbs inches soft. I had never seen him hard, but realized I had never thought about that until today. "How's your back, Dave? I little boys bbs kds hope I early bbs didn't cause that." "No. It's been bugging me a while. I'm getting too old for this shit." "I don't want to hear that. You were beating me tiny top bbs out there.' "You're getting old, too. We're getting old together." "Get outta here!" We both laughed. Dave made his way out of the room and disappeared into the locker area. "Wash my back, Dad?" "Sure." Dane turned away from me as I grabbed the body wash bbs russian teen and squeezed a generous portion onto my hand. I slapped his back and began to scrub him. "Lower, Dad." So I scrubbed down his sides and got suds all over his lower back. "Lower. Get my ass." "Son..." "Dad, no one's around." "You never know when someone might walk in." Most of the men and boys were still involved bbs girl 14 ls out on the floor, but it still made me nervous. I positioned myself so that I was between him and the door and quickly ran my hands over his glutes. My stomach fluttered just a bit as I did so. Suddenly he turned slightly, and my hand slipped into his crack. "That's it, Dad. Wash my hole!" "Dane, enough already." I withdrew my hand. "If we don't get out bbs movies tgp of here, we're going to turn into prunes." I grabbed the body wash and quickly washed my hair with it. I realized Dane was grinning at me. bbs teen lol "You must have liked feeling my ass. Look." I was not pleased to see my cock was at half-mast. I tried to laugh it off. "Don't flatter yourself, boy." I turned off my shower and moved toward the locker room. Dane said, "Wait for me, Dad." He turned the water off and was at my side. He put his wet arm across my shoulders. "Can we go to the steakhouse for dinner?" "Sure. That sounds good." bbs kds 12yo "And then I want to wrestle you when we get home." "Dane, you always beat me, and I pretty girls bbs links always feel clobbered when we're done." "I'll go easy on you. I have some bbs model board portal new moves hardcore pedo bbs I want to show you." Just then Jack appeared in the doorway. He threw a good-natured grin Dane's way. "Hey, man free ebony pics bbs - good match! Thanks!" Dane didn't remove his arm. He looked coolly at Jack but was polite. "Right. Congrats. You were good today, but your ass is mine next time!" "Bring it on, buddy!" Jack laughed. I almost missed the exchange because I was mesmerized by Jack's groin and cock. The amount of his pubic hair seemed almost abnormal. His cut cock hung down six inches or so, nestled over enormous low-hanging balls. I was embarrassed when I realized I had been caught staring. Dane saw what I had been looking at. "Hey, man, you got a forest growing down there!" Jack was a bit taken aback but smiled anyway. "Yeah. spoof xxx bbs I kept it shaved for quite a while, but it was just too much hassle." "Hey - babyj kinder porn bbs looks good on ya!" Dane seemed very comfortable in saying this. I wanted very much bbs magazine nude galleries for the moment to end. "Dane, we need to get a move on. See you soon, Jack. Keep amateur action bbs naturist up the good work!" "Right, Mr. Jordan. Have a great evening!" Dane and I got to our lockers, grabbed our towels, and began toweling ourselves vigorously. "Do you always talk to guys about their pubes?" "Do you always stare a hole through them?" I frowned. "I had never seen anything like that." "Kinda hot, wasn't it." That little warning bell I'd been hearing recently went off once again. We were back at pedo kidz cp bbs home after zbook bbs a great meal at Outback. Dane adult picture posting bbs had thoroughly stuffed himself which zeps bbs guide was nothing unusual for him. I always wondered where he put the food he regularly packed away. He was a man-sized boy who wasn't done growing, I realized, but sometimes it was downright alarming. His doctor had told me he would teen dreams bbs be 6'6" before he was done. I did the best I could to make sure most of what he ate was healthy. He was good about not demanding fast food. When we walked through the door, Dane ran to his room. He bbs forum panties emerged from it naked and went to the spare bedroom to get a wrestling mat that we kept there. It was fairly unusual for us to wrestle. He outweighed me by a considerable amount, but sometimes he had Corey and Doug over to practice new techniques that they had run across on the Internet. I had settled onto the sofa and reached for the TV remote, hoping to relax and let the food digest. "Dad, come on. We need to work some of our dinners off!" "Dane, if I try to wrestle you right this minute, I'll puke all over you." "Aw, Dad!" "Sit yourself down here. Give me an hour or so." I turned on the TV and found a "Law and Order" rerun. Dane knew I wasn't going to tgp bbs movies budge for the moment. He rolled out the mat and positioned it carefully. "You're not getting out of this. I gonna kick your ass!" "Jesus. I think you'd wrestle 24 hours a day if you could." "If I did that, there'd be no time for fucking!" "You have a three-track mind - eating, wrestling, and fucking, not necessarily in that order." "You got it, man!" "You don't have a date with Amanda tonight?" "No - I called her earlier. Her family is way up in the air. Her dad did lose his job yesterday. He had been a sales manager with his company for fifteen years. Had a company car and everything." "That's terrible. It's really getting bad out there, I know." "Makes you glad you're on tenure, doesn't it." "Yes, it does, though I don't kid sex bbs get paid enough. We'd be in deep shit if it wasn't for your mom's life insurance money and if I didn't own the house free and clear." An only child, I had inherited the house when my parents were killed in a car accident my senior year in college. Though distraught, I made it through all the way school to my master's, with no college loans thanks to their savings. Sometimes I was quite bored living in the house I had grown up in, but in the current wretched economic environment, I knew I was very fortunate. Diane and I had substantially remodeled and updated the house, so it didn't bear elwebbs tgp much resemblance to my boyhood home. Dane was restless. "Want me to give you a backrub?" I just wanted to top girl list bbs relax, but Dane had amatuer nude wrestling bbs gotten very good ass fucked kds bbs at soothing my aching muscles. He usually offered a backrub after I had been wrestling. Once again, however, I was aware something teen nonude bbs new was in the air. He went to my bedroom to get a pillow off my bed and grabbed the baby oil out of my bathroom. He grabbed an old sheet out of the linen closet as he returned to the den. I gave up on the television show and clicked off the TV. I put a favorite rhythm and blues CD into the player and set it at low volume. "Mmm - romantic!" Dane was smiling as he spread model bbs teen boy pedo bbs the sheet and threw the pillow onto the floor in front of the sofa. "I don't mean for it to be. That's my bbs links teens favorite CD - you know that. What's gotten into you, anyway." "I guess I just have romance on the brain. Nothing for you to worry about! Get down here." I lay down on my stomach with my head on the pillow. I had been known to doze off fuck picture bbs while Dane worked on my shoulders, back and legs. I realized tonight there was a good possibility of that. Dane pulled my T-shirt off over my head and reached for the waistband of my running shorts. "Dane, I only have my jockstrap on under there." "Fine with me. Like I haven't seen your ass before!" I had misgivings but hiked myself up young little bbs so he could pull the shorts off. He grabbed the waistband of my strap as well, seemingly inadvertently, and stopped himself. Once the shorts were gone, I settled myself and he ran his hand over my back. "Wow. I hope I do half as good a job as bbs gallery forums you have when I'm your age, staying in shape." "When you're coaching, it's child bbs toplist not that difficult. I get top bbs cp a real workout just trying to keep up with you kids. And we have a great weight room right there at the school. I can also use the natatorium." "Yeah - you don't have to pay for a gym or anything. Sweet!" One of my balls piss teen bbs popped out of the jockstrap. bbs rompl index gallery I jumped when I felt Dane's fingers on it. "Looks like you need to jack off again!" "Dane!" Ls magazine bbs "Sorry." He earlygils bbs tugged on the edge of the pouch and the errant testicle rejoined its partner. "You should just take the thing off." I usually had at least my shorts models girls bbs on when he massaged me. I felt exposed enough as it was. It was one thing to be nude with your son around the house. But to be naked while he was working my skin - I just wasn't comfortable with that notion. "We'll leave it where it is, vlad bbs girls models OK?" "Sure. Whatever you say." Dane sounded mildly disappointed. I was in a teen forbidden bbs mood to relax, but was perplexed nonetheless. I really was going to have to have a talk with him, but not right now. He poured oil across my shoulders and began a downward rub. It felt wonderful. In no time, he had me purring like a kitten. "Feels good, huh, Dad." "You've gotten very good at this. Seems like a natural talent for you." "We're enough alike. I know which muscles get sore on me when I've been wrestling." We fell nn zep models bbs silent as he continued to work my shoulders and down my spine, kneeling at my side. He poured more oil on my lower back. It seemed a bit pedo bbs nude free excessive and then I realized it had soaked the band of my jockstrap. "Dane! Watch out!" sex pics pre bbs "Oh, wow, Dad. Sorry about that. I guess angels nymph ru bbs this will have to come off now." Before I could react, he had yanked the jockstrap down and off. I could feel the oil running down my crack. Dane scrambled, ostensibly to rub it in before it got on the sheet and the carpet beneath. Before I knew it, his fingers were on my bbs forums asshole. I rose up. "Dane, damn it! What the hell?" "Dad, I had to stop it from running all over the place. I'll run and get a towel. Should have gotten one in the first place." He was gone in a flash. I could hear him rummaging in the linen closet. I felt my hole. It was thoroughly greased up at this point. It felt loose and nasty. I had never had anything up there besides a doctor's finger for a prostate exam. I was still exploring it when Dane returned. "Whatcha doin'?" "You photos of bbs nude really slimed me up. Wipe it off, OK?" Dane dabbed at it with one of the towels he had brought back with him. Then I felt his fingers down there again. "Dane..." "Oh, Dad, just go with it. Your asshole can make you dark kiddy links bbs feel really good." "How would you know that?" "I nude bbs pics today play with mine sometimes when I'm jacking off. I put a couple of fingers in there and fuck myself. Like bbs magic russian this." I wasn't ready when junior porn tgp bbs I felt a finger enter my most private little bbs fucking place. I looked back to find that Dane littlehannah bbs had his middle finger in my ass to young bbs girl sexe the hilt. It was an odd sensation, but it seemed to be scratching an itch I didn't know I had. He looked me in the eye as he withdrew it and then went back in child lola bbs nude 14yo models bbs with his index and middle fingers. He slowly stuck them in all the way and then began to gently finger-fuck me. Suddenly I was having trouble breathing. This was an entirely new experience for me. I gasped and moaned. "Dane! My God!" But I bbs models nature loita bbs free pix didn't make a move to stop him. He took the baby oil and squirted some directly on the spot where his fingers entered my body. He pulled the two fingers out, and then I felt a ukrainian teen bbs third join them. He fucked in and out with his fingers. I was writhing underneath him. I knew he was hitting my prostate with each pass. I had never felt anything like it in my life. "You like it, don't you." I rose to where I was on my hands and knees. I was groaning to beat the band. I put my forehead in the crook of my left elbow and began to push backwards, meeting Dane's fingers with each insertion. My mind was spinning wildly out of control as I felt Dane reach between my legs and grab my cock with his other hand. I had no idea that it had become harder amateur bbs fuck than it had ever been in my life. He jacked me a couple of times and then stopped. I made a whining preetenn bbs noise. "I don't cute pussy bbs sesso bbs jpg want you to cum yet. Not until I've fucked you." That really jolted me. But I knew that, suddenly, it was what I wanted, more than anything. I looked between my legs tiny virgins bbs to get an upside down view of bbs girl young Dane's cock. It was standing up proud, pulsing with each heartbeat. Precum flowed down the underside of it. It seemed enormous. Instead of telling him no, under no circumstance could he stick that thing in me, I almost shouted, "Fuck me, Dane! bbs boy love Fuck my ass!" He pulled his fingers out and quickly lubed up his cock. In just seconds, he was on his knees behind me, prodding my hole with his thick cockhead. He slid his foreskin back bbs japan erotic and gave a push. Nothing happened. "Spread your hole." I reached behind myself, my upper chest bbs young nude funs on the floor, my cheek mashed to the carpet. angel bbs I grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them as far as apart as I could. Dane rumbled deep in his throat. "Good bbs picture links adult boy!" He applied more lube and then pushed again. This time his dick popped in. I screamed. I had never felt pain like that in my life and was totally unprepared for it. Dane sun bbs nude stroked my back. "Relax, Dad! Push out!" He slapped my ass a couple of times which actually seemed to help. "Keep breathing!" He bbs petites nude left his cockhead where it was until he felt me relax. Then he began to push slowly but relentlessly into my inner depths. Tears were streaming from my eyes. I couldn't believe how completely violated I felt, or how utterly turned on I was. I almost sobbed when I felt his pubes grinding against me. "I'm in all the way, Dad! You're so tight! Feels like you're gonna pinch my dick off!" He pulled out almost all the way and then pushed slowly back in. "I'm not going to last long! Too fucking hot!" On his knees behind me, he grabbed my hips and began a slow rhythm, fucking in and out with long, even strokes. I couldn't think at all. My entire world had become my son's enormous cock violating and pummeling my tender ass. Suddenly it was feeling quite wonderful. I could feel his ridged cockhead as it massaged every millimeter of my chute. There was a brief flash of wondering why had I waited so long to do this. Each time it brushed past my prostrate, precum spurted from my cock. I knew if I jacked myself at all, I would cum kids porn bbs instantly. I couldn't help but to grasp my cock and squeeze it. Dane picked up speed until he was ramming me fast and hard. I was as fully engaged in the fuckfest as I could possibly be, writhing and pushing backwards as chubby bbs he impaled me. He slapped my ass as he fucked me. "Fuck me, boy! Fuck me hard!" Dane grunted in response. I knew my son well enough to know he was about to lose it. I reached back on an inward thrust and grabbed his hairy leg. "Just leave it in! Don't cum yet!" I was leaning on my elbows, growling, my head swinging from side to side in ecstasy. We were both sweating profusely. He stopped fucking, buried as deep as he could go. "Dad, I'm sorry! I'm too close! Gotta cum!" I could feel his huge load as it spewed into my guts. klass bbs lol Almost simultaneously, my cock blew, hands free, spraying my chin and neck and the sheet with my hot cum. It was the most intense orgasm of my life. I fell full length onto the sheet. Dane went fre bbs with me. He was still lodged in my rectum to the hilt. I bucked up against him, not wanting it to end. He caressed my upper arms, grinding his real chill cum bbs hips and groaning loudly. "Best damn fuck I've ever had! Just like I knew it would be! I love you, Dad!"
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